Multilayer pcb Tin-plated communication PCB 4L use Teflons pcb
  • Air ProMultilayer pcb Tin-plated communication PCB 4L use Teflons pcb

Multilayer pcb Tin-plated communication PCB 4L use Teflons pcb

aluminium pcb manufacturing process

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mulitlayer pcb  Tin-plated communication PCB 4L use Teflon pcb Multilayer pcb  Tin-plated communication PCB 4L use Teflons pcb



We maintain high standards of excellence, strive for 100% customer's satisfaction and response within 24 hours
Send us: PCB/Gerber files, PCB requirements, BOM list, assembly or soldering technical requirements

PCB Bare Board:
Multi-layer,FR4,Metal,Creamic,Rogers,FPC,HDI board.
HASL,Immersion Gold/silver/Au,OSP, etc.

PCB Assembly:
9 Testing Procedures,100% Functional Tested.
BGA with X-Ray and Lead Free Assembly.

Components Sourcing:
15 Years Purchasing Experience.
Multi-channel Component Supply.

Finished products assembly:
Functional test/Programing. 
Conformal Coating. Burning test.
Gift Box Packing. Storege Service.
Our advantages:
1, Online 360° Panoramic View Factory.
2, National High-tech Enterprise.
3, ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949 Certification.
4, Customade ERP To Control The Process.
5, No MOQ, Flexible Service.
Contact us to get quotation.

if have Gerber file or enquire. please email is violet(at)akesoncircuit(dot)com(dot) cn

1/Quotes in 24 hours or less 
2/Standard production leadtime of 20 working days (4 weeks)
3/Prototype leadtime of 5 to 10 working days (1-2 weeks)
4/Stack-ups and impedance simulation in 36 hours
5/Initial response to technical questions or quality concerns in 36 hours
6/DFM and EQ's prior to PO placement upon request
Quality system
1/Akeson has mature and stringent Q
2/100% AOI, 100% ET, 100% FQC + FQA
3/SPC and Cpk programs
4/Lean Manufacturing and 6S programs
5/Advanced inspection and lab equipment
6/Standard QA report with every shipment
7/RoHS and REACH Compliance
8/Conflict Minerals Compliance



Flexible PCB(FPC) 
1. Layer: 1-8 layer 
2. Max panel size: 1000mm*500mm 
3. Min Board thickness: Single sided: 0.06mm, Double sided: 0.10mm, Three sided: 0.20,  Four sided: 0.26mm, Five sided: 0.32mm, six sided: 0.06mm 
4. Min line width/space: 3mil/3mil 
5. Min hole size: 0.15mm 
6. Surface finishing: Chemical Gold, Immersion Gold, OSP, Immersion AG 
7. Material: Copper thickness: 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz PI thickness: 1/2mil
8. Assembly: SMT 
Provided FPC, flexible PCB OEM/ODM, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, PCB test, component parts purchase^^

 PCB material we can use:

FR1, FR2, HB, CEM1, CEM3, FR4, High TG/CTI FR4, Halogen Free, Rogers, Aluminium based, Lead-free compatible, Hi Frequency

PCB Requested information for PCB assembly:

1. Gerber files of the bare PCB board

2. BOM (Bill of material) for assembly

3. Testing Guide & Test Fixtures if necessary

4. Schematic if necessary

5.Paypal available

If you can provide the Gerber file or sent a sample to us, our work will be easyer and can deliver to you within 10 days.


FPCA/PCBA production:

We can provide all type of PCBa/FPCA production"
1) Dynamic flexing requirements

2) Reduce space

3)Light weight

4) Provide uniform electrical characterisitics for high speed circuitry

5) Flexing for easier installation

6) Good insulation

Number of Layer


1~8(Rigid-Flex & Multilayers FPC)


Min. Track


Single Sided

0.030 mm / 0.040 mm


Double Sided

0.030 mm / 0.050 mm


Min. Hole


Drilling P.T.H.

0.2 mm



1.0 mm




Conductor Width (W)

0.020 mm


Hole Diameter (H)

0.05 mm (withP.T.H.0.1mm)


Accumulated Pitch (P)

0.015 mm


Outline Dimension (L)

0.05 mm

L50 mm

Conductors and Outline (C)

0.15 mm (Special 0.07mm)

C5.0 mm

Conductors and Coverlay

0.3~0.5 mm


Surface Treatment on

Terminals and land Areas

Soft or Hard Ni/Au Sn/Pb (2~60μm) Primary FluxCarbon Printed (4~10μm Silver Gel printed


Insulation Resistance



at Ambient

Dielectric Strength



Surface Resistance (W)


IPC-TM-650 2.5.17

Volume Resistivity (W-cm)


IPC-TM-650 2.5.17

Dielectric Constant (1 MHz)



Dissipation Factor (1 MHz)



Peeling Strength (180 irection)


IPC-TM-650 2.4.9

Solder Heat Resistance

260 .C/10secs



94 V-0


Water Absorption


ASTM D570%
(24 Hours

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