PC generator control PCBA board
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PC generator control PCBA board

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PCBA  PCB Assembly Of Akeson Circuit Factory,Shenzhen China:
1) Layer: 1-30layer
2) Board finished thickness: 1.6mm
3) Material: FR-4
4) Min. drilled hole size: 0.3mm
5) Min. Line width: 4mil (0.1mm)
6) Min.Line spacing: 4mil (0.1mm)
7) Surface finish/treatment: immersion gold
8) Copper thickness: 1 OZ
10) Solder mask color: green
11)Inner packing: Vacuum packing / Plastic bag
Outer packing: Standard carton packing
12) Sample or mass produce, 6 to 18 days lead time
13) OEM/ODM is acceptable
Reference - Our Production Capability for Multilayer PCB/Rigid borad
PCBA PCB Assembly
Layer count
1-30 layers
FR4(High TG, Halogen Free, high frequency), CEM1, CEM3,BT,Al base mateiral,and so on.
Supplier: SY,KB,ITEQ,Isola,Nelco,Rogers,Grance,Mitsui
Maxpanel size
Min width/space(min)
Max copper weight
140um(4oz) for inner layer
175um(5oz) for outer layer
Min machine drill size
Via hole tpye
Thickness of finished board
Registration of innerlayer to of innerlayer:±3mil
Accuracy of hole position:±2mil
Tolerance of dilled slot:±3mil
Tolerance of PTH diameter:±3mil
Tolerance of NPTH diameter:±2mil
PTH hole copper thichness: 0.4-2mil
Image to image tolerance:±3mil
Tolerance of etching:±1mil
Solder mask registration tolerance: ±2mil
Finished board : Thickness<=1.0mm: +/-0.1mm
Outline router: +/-0.1mm
Outline Score: +/-0.2mm
Color of solder mask
Green, Black, Blue,Red, White and so on
Surface freatment
HASL,HASL Lead Free,OSP ,Immersion Gold, Immersion Ti, Immersion Sliver, Flash gold, Selective Gold plating(gold thicness up to 120u),Gold figers ,Carbon print, Peelabe Mask
Hardness of solder solder
Outline finished
CNC, V-CUT, Punching
Peel strength of line
Warp and twist

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